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Feb 5, 2013 4:00am PST
and six educators before killing himself in newtown's sandy hook elementary school in december. the school district's superintendent says the timing of the film crew's visit is "poor". r in world news, mexico's attorney general says the explosion that killed more than three dozen people at the headquarters of the country's state-run oil company was caused by natural gas. investigators say gas built up in the basement of the pemex building and was likely sparked by an electrical fault. 37 people were killed and dozens more injured in the explosion which collapsed several floors of the building last thursday afternoon. we will take a break. this live look. that temperatures in the city right after 48 [ m [ale announcer ] when heit comes to the financianal obstacles milimitary families face, w e understand. ou r financial advice is igeared specifically to cuo rrenten and former mily membemrs and their families. [ laughaus ] dad! ! dad!ad [ applappuse ] [ mal me announcer ] life br ings obstacles. usaua brings retirement adv. call orl visit us online. we'wre ready to help. learnea more
Feb 8, 2013 4:00am PST
distribution of firearms and ammunition from dangerous people, and strengthening education about safe gun ownership. another bill would require guns to be properly locked present. the move follows president obama's call on congress to pass measures to reduce gun violence including conducting universal background checks. senators seek deal on gun- a small, bipartisan group of senators is quietly trying to reach a compromise on expanding the requirement for background checks to purchases. a deal could give political momentum to one of the key elements of president barack obama's the private talks involve liberal sen. chuck schumer of new york, who is the no. 3 senate democratic leader, and west virginia sen. joe manchin, a national rifle association member and one of the senate's more moderate democrats. on the republican side, participants are sen. tom coburn of oklahoma, another more conservative lawmakers in congress, and moderate sen. mark kirk of illinois. the nra says expanding background checks would do little good because criminals largely get their po-215th new secretary o
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2